The Idea

Welcome to Discovered Visions

Our sense of vision is the most important way in which we perceive the world. Every day our eyes are bombarded with a virtually endless stream of information ~ hundreds of megapixels, all in stereo from a staggeringly large field of vision. Our ability to sort and select parts of this array for attention is vital to survival.

But processing such a huge bundle of information daily may lead us to become jaded with our surroundings. In the race for the familiar, we might lose track of the true wonder and awe of our visual environment. How often have you stopped to count the petals on a flower? Or really watched the complex symphony of waves on the surface of the sea?

The task of any artist is to startle and surprise – and there can be nothing more startling than the simplicity of a photograph. Making a picture means focusing part of the visual field into a single beam of light and capturing it. The essence of the photograph then is not what is included, but what is left out.

I hope that the pictures in these galleries leave you pleasantly surprised that life and the world
in their infinite and sometimes overwhelming complexities can be pared down into single visions of perfection.